Make It Your Own

cover up kimono plus size fashion resort wear

The most beautiful thing about fashion is the designer, artist or creator if you will.  They create something and gives free reign to the customer to make the garment their own.

What we do at HI IQ Style is create pieces that are functional in more than one area of your life.  Our goals besides great quality, good fit and awesome price point is the hope  that you will incorporate our designs into the twenty percent of the wardrobe you wear on a weekly basis. 

Fashion is fun, look for inspiration on how to pair together pieces that fit your style aesthetic.   

Featured here is our Mishelle Cover Up Robe, I wanted to feel super glamorous, yet chic so I added a fur collar, killer suede boots and some super cute sunglasses and it absolutely loved the look.

Remember, make it your own and most of all have fun with it.



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